Staff Directory

Name Title   EMail Address
Beebe, Emily Assistant Health/Conservation Agent 508-214-0919
Braun, Russell Building Department, Building Commissioner 508-214-0927
Brazil, Trudi Accounting Department, Town Accountant 508-214-0934
Brotman, Carl Truro Housing Department
Burgess, Maureen Selectman                                                     
Cabral, Jarrod Department of Public Works,  Director 508-214-0400
  Council on Aging, Transportation Coordinator  508-214-9509  
Clements, Damion Recreation/Beach Departments, Interim Director 508-413-9511
Coburn, Jay Selectman                                                     
Collins, Tim Fire Department, Fire Chief 508-487-7548
Cutler, Elton Council on Aging, Outreach and Resource Coordinator 508-413-9508
Davis, Arozana Building/Health/Conservation Departments, Office Assistant 508-214-0920
  Council on Aging, Office Assistant 508-413-9507  
Flanagan, Jennifer Recreation Department, Pamet After School Coordinator 508-413-9510
Ford, Tricia Public Library, Director 508-413-9801
Francis, Tami Accounting Department, Assistant Accountant 508-214-0931
Fryxell, Cathy Principal Assessor 508-214-0917
Geiges, Laura Assistant Assessor/Data Collector 508-214-0921
Jackett, Tony Harbormaster 508-349-2555
Joseph, Susan Clerk/Treasurer/Collector Departments, Office Assistant  508-214-0935
Kaelberer, Michael Department of Public Works, Office Assistant 508-214-0401
Kelly, Susan Town Administration, Office Assistant 508-214-0926
King, Tim Department of Public Works, Foreman 508-349-7598
Moriarty, Joan Council on Aging, Board/Volunteer
Nunes, Erica Group Leader, Pamet after School Program 508-413-9510
Pajaron, Pat Health Department, Health and Conservation Agent  508-214-0202
Palmer, Rae Ann Town Manager 508-214-0201
Public Records Requests Records Access Officer 508-214-0924
  Town Planner 508-214-0928  
Scoullar, Noelle Town Administration, Executive Assistant                   508-214-0936
Slade, Cynthia Clerk/Treasurer/Collector Departments, Town Clerk 508-214-0924
Smith, Nicole Building/ Health/Conservation Departments, Office Assistant 508-214-0923
Stevens, Molly Clerk/Treasurer/Collector Departments, Office Assistant 508-214-0922
Sullivan-Clark, Kelly Assistant Town Manager 508-214-0929
Sullivan, Kathleen Assessor Clerk 508-214-0930
Takakjian, Kyle Police Department, Police Chief                              508-487-8730
  Recreation/Beach Departments, Director      
Travers, Susan Council on Aging, Director 508-413-9513
Tudor, Nicole Town Administration, Executive Assistant               508-214-0925
Weinstein, Robert Selectman                                                      
Wennerberg, David Information Technologies, Director 508-214-0918
Wisotzky, Paul Selectman                                                     
Worthington, Jan Selectman