Concert Committee

General Information

The Board of Selectmen will be the appointing authority as per Board of Selectmen meeting of 9/04/01. Meetings held as needed.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Truro Concert Committee is to organize, publicize and sponsor a series of musical events during July and August on our treasured village green by the Pamet River in Truro Center.

These events should be designed to provide Truro residents, non-residents and other visitors with an opportunity to celebrate the summer season with good music and other entertainment.  They should appeal to all ages, encourage audience participation and be self supporting through business and individual financial contributions and other community assistance.

Board Members

Name Title
Patricia Wheeler Chair- Appointment expires 6/30/2018
Michael Peters Member-Appoinment expires 6/30/2019
Girard Smith Member-Appointment expires 6/30/2018
Beryl Smith Member-Appointment expires 6/30/2019
Larry Lown Member-Appointment expires 6/30/2016
Ann Courtney Member-Appointment expires 6/30/2016
Vacancy- Position Full Membership 1- 3 Year Term
Vacancy- Position Full Membership 2- 3 Year Term
Vacancy- Position Full Membership 3-3 Year Term
Vacancy Alternate Member
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