Study of Unserved Areas

The Cable Advisory Committee has completed a study of the properties where Comcast cable service is not available. This study is part of a process authorized by the Board of Selectmen to determine how much of the town does not have access to high speed internet.

The report of this phase of our study is below. As you review it, we are most interested in knowing if we have made any factual mistakes. In particular, on page 6 have we correctly identified all of the streets which are either not served or partially served. Your may use the form below to send us you comments.

After some time to receive comments and corrections, we have been asked to propose to the selectmen what additional steps can be taken to expand high speed internet access in Truro.

If you are in an un-served location we want to know if you are interested in service and if you would be a full time or seasonal subscriber.

Note: The information submitted will ONLY be used for feedback on this study. It will not be used for any other purpose.